2016 metų Burning Man idėjos

Alco Church by Mantas Kuginis

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Project Summary

Alco Church is an interactive installation – what you get when mixing alcohol tester and church confessional. Using alcohol sensor and electronics in installation we will be able to predict how badly alcohol using participants are drunk and how much prayers they need to say to redeem their drinking sins in a few seconds without need to go church.  More you drink the harder punishment is going to be.

Physical Description & Interactivity

Project is going to look like confessional or little church itself. Still working on the design at the moment so for proposed project concept I am able to show just functionality. People will be able to blow to the alcohol sensor and then after few seconds answer how much they sinned will be rolled.

What is the philosophy of your piece?

I’m a creator of absurd Art installations (http://on.fb.me/1lPXnjx). For me it’s kind of absurd to go to church for confession when you get really drunk or had premarital sex or similar things like that. In my mind that kind of confessions which you repeat over and over and enjoy them and don’t hurt nobody are useless and absurd. You must confess because priest or church is telling that you need to do so, but you don’t feel that you did something bad and do this because you’ve been told. So this installation questions this kind of confessions in a humorous way.

Getting out of the Moment by Donatas Noirušis


Project Summary

Large scale Art sculptural installation that includes foam sculpture and interactive fluorescence light.

Physical Description & Interactivity

It will be ~4 meters (13 feet) height surrealistic sculpture. During the day people will see white Greek style sculpture, and during the night fluorescence or LED lights (TBD later) will be turned on and people will be able to see psychedelic colors and drawings on the flesh/body of the sculpture thus creating a visual impression of the sculpture becoming alive object.

What is the philosophy of your piece?

I am hoping to express the feeling when the person has no way to go out of difficult situation or part of life, that you just can’t get away from. This aesthetic was born when I felt that feeling, so personally it has great meaning for me.

I think that each person will have its own perspective on this artwork, it might be good or bad, but because of strong emotion it expresses, people will not be indifferent.

Since Da Vinci analyzed anatomy, the drawings will underline the anatomy of sculpture, only with psychedelic colors.

Dust Watch by Karolis Misevičius


Project Summary

Dust-Watch is an interactive and adventurous installation to explore, wonder and see things in different angle, just as Leonardo did. Participants enter the shining labyrinth and search for a way to a moment catching art installation – Dust-Watch – a pyramid, sand-watch-like structure, standing in the middle of lightened labyrinth. Participants can lay down on a platform to enjoy the view of the playa from a bit higher (look at the moving mirrors installed above). This installation has functional and engaging environment with a taste of secret. It gets people involved to see what is inside, also lay down to explore the mirror view, or just have a rest.

Physical Description & Interactivity

From outside, whole installation is shining walls with some light above and a few entrances. Labyrinth walls are 2 meters (>6 feet) high, made of wooden frames covered with light white material (organza or similar, might be also painted to look attractive at day time). Walls are lit by moving altering lights installed on top of the middle structure – Dust-Watch. IT is a wooden 3-4 meter (13 feet) structure (in the middle of labyrinth), having a platform to lay down on the bottom and turning mirrors on top to see the changing views, also lights, that shine to the walls. Mirrors spin using wind power. Participants look up, but from mirror angle they see playa view, just from higher point. There would be a soft sound installation mostly for people who reach the center of the Labyrinth. Labyrinth dead-ends will be used for mini sculptures, paintings, small installations.

What is the philosophy of your piece?

The transparent Labyrinth is still a Labyrinth where people are searching, exploring, discovering art and each other thus changing the way they usually see things. Exploration and discovery are combined with the engagement of the secret in the center of the installation and opportunity to lay down besides another minded searcher or cuddle with the “love of their life” or just a stranger who wants to engage another interesting Playa conversation. Dust-Watch is a place to enjoy the Moment, rest, reflect while observing the Playa from the different angle.

Sound beacon by Justas Ingelevičius


Project Summary

Illuminated sculpture and interactive sound installation which displays the principals of ancient Lithuanian chanting/singing of “Sutartinės”.

Physical Description & Interactivity

Composition consists of 6m height main sculpture and five smaller 1.5m height portals situated around. Sculptures are made from straight wooden rods wrapped with elastic material.

Main structure is equipped with three speakers, LED lights, generator. smaller portals are also illuminated using LED lights. They have proximity sensors which detect presence of participants. Portals have controls allowing participants play sounds. Also small screens showing text of the song.

Main sculpture acts like beacon emitting sounds of Lithuanian folk songs “sutartinės” – glees. They are performed by three singers in strict canon. Two singers are singing at the same time, one is idle. Singing singers change around circle. Three speakers in the sculpture mimics the way singers sing creating circular sound illusion.

The sounding principles will be visualized with the help of lights by lighting up a smaller “Clebsch surface” sculptures that will be placed around the main structure.

What is the philosophy of your piece?

The form of the main sculpture is called “Clebsch surface”. This symmetrical cubic equation, pictured here in physical form, was described by Alfred Clebsch in 1871 and is remarkable as it has exactly 27 straight lines that lie flush to its surface. Simple to build, but spectacular form need only straight rods and elastic surface material.

Three speakers situated inside main sculpture emits sounds of “sutartinės” (“glees”).

Sutartinės (from the word sutarti—to be in concordance, in agreement, singular sutartinė) are highly unique examples of folk music. They are an ancient form of two and three voicedpolyphony, based on the oldest principles of multivoiced vocal music: heterophony, parallelism, canon and free imitation. Most of the sutartinės’ repertoire was recorded in the 19th and 20th centuries, but sources from the 16th century on show that they were significant along with monophonic songs. At present the sutartinės have almost become extinct as a genre among the population, but they are fostered by many Lithuanian folklore ensembles.

With this piece we want to synthesize and demonstrate ancient Lithuanian singing tradition wrapped in a modern art form. Participants will be able to hear singing emanating from the main sculpture also understand how these songs are constructed and then try to play the sound loops with guidance of the lights at the smaller portals around. In a way they will learn an ancient way of singing in an interactive and fun way.


Bird-ship By Žilvinas Stankevičius


Bird-ship is a pedal powered, two-person Art car project.

This is an apparatus like in most of the Da Vincies projects – powered by human power. For Burning Man it is made to be pedaled by two people team thus they have to interact and help each other in order to move the Bird-ship.

The Bird-ship construction will be made from recycled bike and water pipes parts (frame and motion mechanism).

The ultimate design form is still not clear yet – most likely there will be 2 similar construction but different design vehicles, one of them will have a design of the Bird while other will look like a Steam-punk Ship.

Underground Camera By Olena Bulygina


Project summary

This is a construction that looks like a steampunk camera flash that will be sticking out of ground. It creates an illusion of giant underground camera that is flashing during the night.

Physical description and interactivity

The best words that describe visible part of the installation are “An impression of a buried giant camera, recreated by a flashing in the nighttime and a space under the Flash which can be used as a place to chill”. Imaginary part consists of a giant camera, and it stays imaginary. People will be able to take photos in the light of it, but it also serves as a quirky reminder of privacy and taking photos at Burning Man.

What is the philosophy of your piece?

Taking pictures and privacy at Burning Man is becoming a very difficult thing to control in these days. Not only that everyone has become a photographer thanks to the digital cameras in their communication devices but it is also related to the rise of the immediate connection to the worldwide media channels – you take picture and it instantly reaches and engages a lot of people through the internet connection. Pictures are a good way to transport the free acts of radical self-expression to the World but also sometimes they might ruin the Principles of the Immediacy but also even Radical self-expression itself – “do you feel comfortable every time you are freely expressing yourself on the Playa and you are filmed at the same moment?”. Sometimes picturing or filming just ruins the magic of the Moment – it distracts the sincere immediate feeling of being in it and actually truly enjoying it.

One way that this could be solved is through collective-cognitive action which affects the participants with cameras. The concept of the Underground Camera installation is to start the dialog with the community by raising the question and awareness on the subject and is related to a gentle reminder of the privacy of the participants -that not all the precious moments have to become pictured or filmed and have to stay “underground”.

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